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Open Call

For Writers

Submissions Guideline

Major international studio looking to develop multiple television projects for the Japanese market. Seeking talented screenwriters that are Japanese, Japanese/American; preferably bilingual and but at the least very familiar with Japanese culture.

We are fielding pitches for TV series ideas that have strong female characters (does not have to be the lead but must at least feature prominently) and skew younger (YA or 20’s 30’s).
Think big, binge-worthy worlds that are unexpected but authentic and believable. Genres can include fantasy, time travel, supernatural, high concept, but not just limited to these.

Please no broad comedy, nothing dark, no crime/serial killer, no samurai. Must be from the Japanese perspective and work for their domestic market (i.e. a CIA agent in Tokyo will not work…as this is a show framed for western audiences)

Please send a 1-page pitch of your idea along with a sample script (feature or pilot) of your writing.

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